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As one of the most distinguished by entertainment cities in the World, Amsterdam is an amusing travel destination for all aspects. The City, with people from different cultures living in peace, has very rich historical background. Characteristics from beauty of architecture and artful streets. Amsterdam’s unique buildings, art-filled streets and scenic landscapes reflect this experience to architecture and art. Whatever places in Amsterdam are interesting here. There are 10 places to visit in the city with this Amsterdam travel guide!


Bloemenmarkt with Relishing Fragrances

Amsterdam has many markets for shopping, but the most famous one is called Bloemenmarkt, the Flower Market. You can also buy souvenirs from this market where many flowers or flower seeds are sold. The tulips, one of the symbols of the Netherlands, are located on the Singel Canal and are a floating flower market. Bloemenmarkt awaits you as a colorful and fragrant stop if you visit Amsterdam, especially in the spring.

Anne Frank’s House Turned into a Museum

Anne Frank, the daughter of a family trying to live in their homes under Nazi pressure during the most difficult times of the war for more than two years, wrote in her diary about the life they lived. Among the family members who were sent to different Nazi camps in 1944, only Anne’s father, Otto Frank, survived. Years later, Anne’s diary was published under the title of ’Anne Frank’s Diary and turned into a book that touches every reader. Thus, Anne becomes one of the most important symbols of World War II. The house where she lived with her family was turned into a museum. The Anne Frank Museum, a stunning museum where you can spend time on your trip to Amsterdam, offers many personal belongings, photographs and historical documents, including her diary.

Dam Square of the City Center

Dam Square, which has become the symbol of Amsterdam, is famous for hosting many historical buildings. The Ferris Wheel in the middle of Dam Square gives you the chance to observe the whole city from above. There are many restaurants and cafes on Dam Square, which has a surprise in every corner. There are also many shops in Dam Square for shopping or souvenirs. Considering all these aspects, Dam Square and its surroundings are very convenient for Amsterdam accommodation options.


Heineken Experience

Heineken Experience is a delightful tour that beer enthusiasts should definitely keep in mind when traveling to Amsterdam. The Heineken Experience takes place in the former brewery of Heineken, one of the world’s largest brewers. With the Heineken Experience, where you can visit the building, taste beer or even brew your own beer, you can learn about the history and advertising campaigns of the brand with a fun experience.

The Peace of the Green Vondelpark

Amsterdam is one of the most convenient cities for cycling, so you can easily reach everywhere. Vondelpark is a great stopover where you can take a break from your pleasant cycling journey, where you can have a picnic, have coffee at the cute cafes in the park and watch the beautiful views. The Vondelpark, where many events take place during the summertime, also features wonderful rose gardens.

Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum, where paintings, sketches and letters of the famous Dutch painter Van Gogh, who spent a period of his life in Amsterdam, are exhibited; It is one of the most visited places in Amsterdam. Opened in 1973, the museum organizes many temporary exhibitions and art workshops. In the Van Gogh Museum, where you can learn more about Van Gogh’s life and admire his talent, there are works by Paul Gauguin and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

Hidden Corner: Begijnhof

If you want to escape the pleasant but tiring crowd of Amsterdam for a short time, you can come to Begijnhof, where nature and architecture combine perfectly. A must-see spot, the Begijnhof contains many buildings dating back to the 1300s, many beautiful gardens and a chapel.

Red Light District

One of the most famous parts of Amsterdam is the Red Light District. The Red Light District, which offers you wonderful views with its attractive buildings and canals during the day, is also the center of attention with its liveliness at night. There are many bars and restaurants in the area and you can take part in your adult tour programs.

Royal Palace in Amsterdam

Royal Palace in Amsterdam

The Royal Palace on Dam Square is one of Amsterdam’s the most attractive buildings. Koninklijk Paleis, which dates back to the 17th century, impresses visitors with its magnificent design. While visiting the palace, which houses a collection of nearly 2000 pieces, you can be enchanted by the splendor of the rooms and visit the galleries of many painters.

Entertainment Center Efteling Park

Efteling Park, one of the most entertaining spots in Amsterdam, is one of the largest theme parks in the World. If you are adrenaline and fun loving person or traveling with your children, consider that all units at Efteling Park are based on fairy tales and legends. In Efteling Park, where you can watch colorful and enjoyable shows for everyone can enjoy from all ages.

No matter which route you take in your visit, we are sure that your trip to Amsterdam will be fun. Have a good trip!



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