9 Must-See Landmarks in Germany

All you wonder from historical places to German Cuisine…

Germany, hosts millions of familiar faces of Turkish nationals, with remaining unchanged with beauty of natural villages, rivers running thru cities has all shades of green, is one the most favorite touristic locations.

Over 80 millions of its population and well-developed industry from automobiles to electronics of limitless development source is also known as homeland for names such as Albert Einstein, Karl Marx, Goethe and Beethoven.

Well. Which ones of the cities in this country called a-must-see? Here are the results


Germany is full of famous cities. Etched in memories with “The Wall”: Berlin is one of those cities, one of the most popular touristic places of the Europe at the same time. City; besides Brandenburg Gate, Charlottenburg Palace, Reichstag Building, Berlin Museum; has street artists and vivid nightlife.


Heidelberg, is called “Wege der Romantik” meaning the romantic city, described a magical location.Standing out with cultural, artistical and educational life and the town takes us back to the couple centuries back with wooden architecture at the same time.

Rügen Island

There is no excuse not to see Rügen area of islands if you are looking for other than Mediterrenean Sea which located the North of Germany in Baltic Coasts.

Rhine River

Mind twisting longtitude and prints of regional culture of Rhine River could be discovered by boat tours. Lorelei Cliff, has mythological background and is flooded by visitors. Medieval Castles and Vineyards make it a totally magical River.


Besides well-known nightlife and Köln Cathedral, Köln also hosts many Turkish residents.It is one of the central basis of European Disco Culture.Especially, end of the year (commonly Christmas Season) Street shows can be seen while seasonal street foods are served such as Glühwein and GingerBread which must be tried.


As a milestone in art and culture, Dresden covers up all the devastation from World War 2. Frauenkirche Cathedral, Semper Opera, Art Galleries and Museums must be seen.


Hamburg is not only one of the largest metropols in Germany, but also in Europe, gets attention by the geographical formations like rivers and green nature.Vivid city life and architectures come out at the first sight.Alster Lake and Alster Canal can be counted a-must-see list of natural beauties.The city has mindblowing nightlife and shopping may be preferred as the best choice.


Locating in the cold nordic area and medieval architecture can be seen all around the city. By narrow streets, historical buildings and city gates Lübeck will bring a such good themes for your photoshoots.


Hosting city of the Octoberfest, has many SPA centres, magnificent Palaces, Sports Clubs, Dinings and Live Concerts makes it capital of entertainment in Germany.


As a melting pot of different cultures, Germany has a rich cosmopolitan cuisine.Regions are famous with such varieties of foods like lamb dishes, stewed dishes and homemade noodles.Pioneer cuisine with Beercrafting and Vine selections.

Historical Places in Germany

Historical Places in Germany

  1. Black Forest
  2. Rennsteig
  3. Kaiserdom St. Bartholomäus Katedrali
  4. The Goethe House
  5. Neuschwanstein Palace
  6. Neuschwanstein Cheatau
  7. Frauenkirche Cathedral
  8. Heidelberg Slavic Castle Ruins
  9. Historic Leipzig : Markt & Altes Rathaus
  10. Thomas Church
  11. Nicholas Church
  12. Bradenburg Gate
  13. Charlottenburg Palace
  14. Reichstag Building
  15. Semper Opera Building


Precisely everything can be found in German markets. So many choises in all type of goods from technology to musical instruments in use of sale to the visitors. Solingen knife, cuckoo clock are some of the special items peculiar to the German market which recommended to be on your shopping list.


Enthusiasm, entertainment and multiculturalism are the highlights of Germany’s nightlife. When it comes to music, concerts and parties, Germany has a wide range of discoveries and Berlin has a special place. There is a pleasant nightlife in the country, from the theater to the opera, from the live music bar to the stage shows, regardless of the town and the big city.

Visa and Travel Information

A visa to Germany is provided. For this, a visa application is made with the passport. Direct flights can be taken from Istanbul, Turkey, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya to cities like Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hanover, Munich, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Bremen, Leipzig, Germany, Baden-Baden Friedrichshafen



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