As Turkey’s most livable city that never come down from the top of the rankings, Eskisehir is a shining star of Central Anatolia. Since ancient times, Eskisehir which has a central location, and cultural structure in recent years in terms of increased amusement entered Turkey’s most popular places.

With its location, historical and modern city life, Eskişehir has wonderful sightseeing locations to visit and see.

Sazova Park

The park, built on an area of 400 thousand m2, has lots of green areas and a small pond. ‘Fairy Tale Castle’ is one of the most attractive buildings in the park. The castle, which can be easily seen on view of the city, is designed and inspired one of Turkey’s most magnificent structures such as Galata Tower and Yivli Minaret. There are sections with special shows for children, a viewing terrace, a gift shop and a café.

The Sazova park has a concept of Pirate Ship which is made in real dimensions and has navigable sections. The Japanese Garden and the Turkish World Science and Culture Center are other places to visit.

Odunpazarı Homes

Located in the Odunpazari area, these historical houses have been restored to the original. This area, which smells of history, is one of the places where you can’t go back without visiting on yout trip to Eskişehir.

Porsuk Stream and Islands Region

It is one of the most touristic places in Eskişehir with its design that resembles Venice. There is even an artificial beach created by the efforts of the Metropolitan Municipality on Porsuk Stream which is a lively place especially in summer months.

Eskisehir Yilmaz Buyukersen Wax Museum

The museum, which is in the position of Odunpazarı, was opened in the name of the famous mayor who brought many buildings to Eskişehir. At the museum, The wax sculptures consists of famous figures of Eskisehir and figures of Turkish arts, politics, business, literature and also the Ottoman Sultans, could be seen. It is definitely one of the places to be added to the list of places to visit.

Meerschaum Museum

The museum, opened in 2008 in the Kurşunlu Complex in Eskişehir which is considered to be the hometown of Meerschaum, exhibits 400 artworks of 60 artists’ 400. You can easily find replicas in Atlıhan Handcrafts Bazaar which is right next to the Mueerschaum Museum.

Atlıhan Handcrafts Bazaar

The bazaar which was opened by Odunpazarı Municipality in 2006 to introduce and sell the Meerschaum to the world is located between Odunpazarı Houses and Kurşunlu Mosque Complex. You can buy works made of meerschaum, glass and silver.

Museum of Contemporary Glass Arts

The Museum of Contemporary Glass Arts, was opened by the Metropolitan Municipality in Odunpazarı in 2007, has an impressive exhibition of different artists’ interpretations. The museum, which has many different interpretations of art on glass, is very close to the Wax Museum. Be sure to add Odunpazarı as one of your favorite places to visit.

Phrygian Valleys

Located at the intersection point of Afyonkarahisar, Kütahya and Eskişehir in the southwest of Eskişehir, the Phrygian Valleys are 80 km away from the city center of Eskişehir and are located within the borders of Han county. Yazılıkaya (Midas Monument), which is the center of ancient Phrygia, is a must-see area with monuments and natural sculptures resembling fairy chimneys.



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