Castle of Maiden Turkey

Each city has its own historical sites. Legends and stories are told about them. When visitors come to the city, the first thing goes there and they line up to take a souvenir photo that they will keep for life. Mersin, one of the most popular cities in the Mediterranean, gets attention by hosting of such a special structure. Kizkalesi, is first place comes to mind when you say Mersin, is also one of the most visited places in Mersin. If you want to visit this famous place which is combination of nature and history during your Mersin trip, you can check on this guide before you go.

Kizkalesi: Meeting Point of History and Nature

Kizkalesi was built on an islet 600 meters from the coast and it is estimated that the construction date was 1199. Kizkalesi, which is the most known structure of Korykos Ancient City which is on the Temporary List of World Heritage listed by UNESCO, was built by Leon the first, according to the inscriptions found in the region. It was known that the castle, which was captured by the Kingdom of Cyprus in 1361, was also used as a shelter by the Romans throughout history. The castle, which was also under the sovereignty of Byzantines and Ottomans, was used for both defense and trade center. The presence of chapels, water wells and cisterns in the excavations is proof that the castle is actually considered as a special settlement area. With its impressive architecture and unique texture, Kizkalesi, offers a very special experience for history buffs.

Legend of the Maiden’s Castle

The legends and stories told about Mersin Kızkalesi are worth hearing. According to legend, the king of the region does not have children for many years. Years later, the king, who had a daughter, was consulted by fortune tellers to learn about his future. His fortune tells that his daughter would die by the snake, so the king built this castle to protect him from the snakes. The king, who thought that he could keep his daughter safe from evil and provided life safety, sent a basket of Tarsus grapes to her daughter one day. But unfortunately, the snake, hid in the basket prepared by the king with his own hands, killed the girl.

Castle of Maiden

A Vacation Full of Natural Beauties

When you set out to go to Kızkalesi, you can also have a chance to observe many natural and historical beauties nearby. At the first row, Heaven and Hell Pothole accepted as the deepest caves in Turkey and Asthma Cave which is often visited the Asthma patients. When you want to take a break , you can taste delicious seafood in Narlıkuyu which is about 6 km away from Kizkalesi.

How to get to Kizkalesi?

The Kizkalesi, which is a part of Erdemli County; It is 60 km far from Mersin and 23 km far from Erdemli. You can reach the town by minibus, charter bus or your own vehicle. After arriving at Kizkalesi, you can catch boats leaving the shore to reach the island where the castle is located. Another method preferred by those who want to reach the castle is swimming! If you are confident in your swimming skills, you can swim from the beach to Kizkalesi and experience an unforgettable moments.

Castle of Maiden

Kızkalesi Opening Hours

Kizkalesi is open to visitors every day between 08:00 and 17:00. Mersin Kizkalesi entrance fee is 6 TL, you can take advantage of free entrance if you have MuseumCard.



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