From east to west, from north to South, every corner of Anatolia is full of uncountable beauties of nature to visit. One of these unique beauties of Anatolia, which is home to different geographical and cultural structures, is Tunceli. Get ready to spend an unforgettable journey with our guidance when your route crosses Tunceli which has a very special place with its cultural heritage and nature!

Munzur Valley National Park

The National Park in the Munzur Valley, which makes Tunceli unique and gives it distinguished geographical features, comes first in the list of places to visit in Tunceli. This national park, which is able to conquer the hearts of its visitors with its vegetation and authentic wildlife that you won’t be able to see anywhere else, as well as offering a camping area, is an ideal accommodation experience for those who want to take a vacation to Tunceli. You can reach the Munzur Valley National Park approximately two hours by minibusses departing from the Tunceli bus station to Ovacık.

Munzur Cells

Munzur Cells, which is famous for its legend as well as its icy waters flowing from rock caverns, waterfalls and ponds, is considered sacred by the local people. It is hard not to believe in this legend when you see the Munzur Cells and its clear waters, which is caused by the milk shed of the shepherd of the same name.

Mazgirt Castle

Another Landmark that comes to mind when you visit Tunceli is Mazgirt Castle. You can reach the Mazgirt Castle, which has been thought to be built by the Urartians in the 4th Century before Christ, by crossing a cave and climbing forty steps.Observing the panaromic view of Mazgirt County is enough to admire the history and culture of the region from the top of the hill you have reached which the castle is located on.

“In” Holes

In the west of the Çemizgezek district of Tunceli, the “In” Holes carved into the steep rocks of the Tahar Stream Valley continue to preserve its mystery as one of the mysterious structures in the region. During your visit to Tunceli, you can explore the interesting history of the region by visiting these chambers, also known as Dervish Cells, and the surrounding corridors.

Dereova Waterfall

Tunceli, which is another beautiful in every season, can’t be finished by counting on its natural beauties. Dereova Waterfall is just one of them. Dereova Waterfall, where you can go to cool off in summer and enjoy nature views in winter, is 45 kilometers away from the center of Tunceli.

Weeping Rocks

The rock ensemble, which is named after constantly drippings from its top as ”Weeping Rocks”, becomes a haunt of those who love to take pictures with the ice columns formed on it especially during the cold months of the winter season. Don’t forget to add this natural beauty in the Pülümür Valley to the top of your list of places to visit in Tunceli.

Dedebag Thermal Springs

Dedebag Thermal Springs with its waters suitable for bathing applications, carries Tunceli to a very important place of health tourism. While your vacation continues in Tunceli, you can go and enjoy the healing waters of this Thermal Springs. Not only the waters, but also the location of the Dedebağ Thermal Spring is one of the places that the locals and tourists visit frequently.

Fairy Water Valley

Peri Suyu Valley, which has a remarkable structure with its wooded area and the nature views it offers, is a must-visit place especially for those who love trekking. And if you like rock climbing, you can spend a day with full of adrenaline in the Fairy Water Valley.

Vineyard Castle

Another recommended place to see before you go back to when you go to the Fairy Water Valley is the Castle of Bağın at the top of the valley. Even though only a part of its walls have survived from this historical castle, which was thought to be built before Christ, it deserves to be seen with the landscape and atmosphere it offers.

Bağırpaşa Mountain and Crater Lake

Mount Bağırpaşa, the highest mountain in Tunceli, is an ideal route for both nature lovers and photographers. Crater Lake, which is located on the top of the mountain and known to be snowy in all seasons, is a candidate to be one of the stars of your trip!

Tunceli is waiting for you by its places more interesting than each other.



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